Reception Services Management for Your Business

Reception Services Management for Your BusinessReception-Services-Management

Improve your Business with Reception Services Management

Today’s world is a world ruled by technology, with engineers and innovators constantly creating new technology that removes human interaction from our day to day lives. In some cases, this technology is extremely helpful and streamlines tasks that were once laborious for people. Reception services management have started to be replaced by machines within the last 30 years. It was not that long again that fax machines were new technology and everyone was struggling to replace the paper rolls that they printed on. When was the last time you received a fax? Even if it was within the last week, you most assuredly have received a scanned document or e-mail more recently. What about your old rolodex? While they were certainly convenient to store names, numbers, and address alphabetically, they can’t compete anymore with saving contacts in your e-mail address book or on your always near-by smart phone.

Voicemail led the most drastic change to reception services management back in the 1980’s. Suddenly there wasn’t a need to have a receptionist in the office 24 hours a day because there was a machine to deliver you your messages every morning. Since voicemail was first introduced, its availability and cost effectiveness has made it an enticing choice for many business owners. Voicemail steadily has grown to overcome having a live person in your office answering the phones. Many businesses now choose to forward their phones straight to voicemail and only check messages to weed out some of their more annoying calls.

However, the world of voicemail has shifted how customer service is handled. Where leaving a message or calling into a company and receiving an automated message was once a novelty, it is now tiresome for customers to not be greeted by someone immediately. Messages get lost, calls go unanswered, and ultimately you lose business by not having a friendly voice to pick up each and every one of your calls.

Admin Solutions’ Reception Services Management is a happy blend between not being bombarded by telemarketers, angry customers, and automated messages while still allowing your customers to receive the customer service experience they desire. Receptionists are still able to screen calls for you while live transferring any business call that is of importance, especially new clients or business.

Don’t let your business fall into the trap of losing clients due to the following five reasons:

  1. They need immediate assistance and only receive a machine or voicemail.
  2. They don’t feel their needs have been met.
  3. They received rude or untimely service.
  4. They don’t feel that they are a priority to your business.
  5. Their message was lost and they never received a call back.

After reviewing these five points, consider your existing clientele base and whether or not they may have ever felt this way. Do you keep your “Do Not Disturb” button on frequently or do you hit the “Ignore” button often for calls? Are you more likely to throw away a message from a difficult client than dealing with them, even if you need the business? All of these are easily solved with reception management services!

If a new customer calls your business and gets a polite, cheerful, live person on the other end of the phone who can answer questions and be helpful, the caller’s need for information NOW will have been met. Gone is their need to continue on to the next listing in the phone book and they probably won’t even mind waiting for a call back from someone else to receive more information on the service or product they seek. It’s a win-win for everyone.

If an existing customer calls your business and knows they’re going to get that same familiar, helpful person, just imagine the confidence and loyalty they will have in your business.  Reception Services Management can also provide you with something that an automated message or answering service never can: an established relationship with your customers. It’s frustrating for customers to have to try and explain their situation when leaving a message. If they consistently reach the same person when they call, they’ll be starting off with someone who already knows their file and their needs. It eliminates frustration and a waste of time on their end. An important client doesn’t want to feel like they can’t get in touch with a business when they need to.

Top Things a Good Receptionist Offers:

  • A friendly and warm greeting
  • Prompt answers to a caller’s questions or promise of a forthcoming answer
  • Immediate message dispatch
  • Call screening to make sure you don’t waste time with spam calls and important messages get through
  • Professional branding for your business
  • A streamlined communication flow throughout the entire office


Admin Solutions’ Reception Services Management gives you an affordable alternative to hiring a full-time or several full-time receptionists in your office. We give you the flexibility to go about your day, in the office or running errands, without needing to be tied down to your phone. We offer live transfer calls, message dispatch, or holding messages until a time that you are ready for them. Admin Solutions will program your own unique number that you can either use directly or forward your own existing phone number into. You have the option to always direct your phones to us or keep them when you are not busy.

While voice mail will never be a thing of the past and is undoubtedly useful for established client and customer relationships, a resurgence to well trained, outgoing, live reception practices for any business will pay for itself over and over again. Even if you are a small business, there are alternatives to outsource managed reception services. Admin Solutions can help you evaluate your potential need for a live receptionist and weigh the cost of outsourcing your reception service or making an internal staff hire based on your individual business needs.

Call Admin Solutions at 952-892-5909 or email if you would like more information on our Reception Services Management.