MN Business Services Essentials

Our MN Business ServicesThe success of any business is only as good as its long term plan. A solid strategic vision will lay the foundation for your success. Our expertise and understanding of ‘all things business’ will guide you through the proverbial “unknowns”.

Are you ready to establish yourself as a new business but unsure what steps to take? We can help you set up, develop and plan for a new business or work with you to improve your existing business.

  • Management & Consulting
  • Tactical & Strategic Planning
  • Research & Development
  • Secretary of State Filing
  • Obtain Federal and State ID
  • Establish Liability/Work Comp Insurance
  • Assist with Handbooks and Company Policies
  • Initial Screening/Interviews of Potential Employees
  • Accounting & Systems Set Up

Business Essentials

Our MN Business Services

The traditional office as we know it is rapidly changing.  Outsourcing essential functions will allow you the time and freedom to pursue the long term goals for your business.  A wide array of services are available.

  • Office Management
  • Overhead & Burden Evaluation
  • Bookkeeping
  • HR Assistance
  • Database Management
  • Graphic Design & Marketing Plans
  • Web Site Creation & Management
  • Small Quantity Order Processing
  • Copy Editing and Proofing Services
  • Digitalizing Services
  • Organizational Projects

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