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In order for an association to grow and function properly, they must have guidance and staff with the time to truly devote to it.

With an emphasis on professional communication and more than thirty years of Human Resources experience, Association Management Services provided by Admin Solutions can partner with you to manage the business and administrative functions of your organization while freeing up leadership to focus on policies instead of administrative tasks. We will work with you to find the most cost effective path forward.

Partnering with Admin Solutions for Association Management ensures you and your members the following:

• A prompt and professional staff to answer all member inquiries
• A physical office with trained staff
• A reliable mailbox with daily mail service

Association Member Engagement and Retention

Our areas of expertise include association member engagement and retention allowing you to stay focused on memberships, programs, expansion, and revenue building. Our high-performing team is led by Kris Peterson, who is committed to the development and implementation of best practices in association management strategies. While volunteers are essential, having a professionally trained staff will make the difference between struggling through and blossoming as an organization. Admin Solutions also gives your association stability in the midst of leadership and structural changes.

Professional Conference Management Services

Admin Solutions is ready and equipped to help your association with any conference management needed. Our experienced staff has training in paper, electronic, and over the phone registrations. We are also available to be on site to accommodate your needs during your busiest times. This will ensure that you have friendly, front facing staff that knows your membership base and is ready to help them. We can also provide guidance, consulting and execution to set up and manage a membership database system so you are always up to date with your membership levels.

Ensure your members will always have access to your association without delay by utilizing our central location. Association Management services will be developed to meet the unique needs of your individual association. Rest assured that staff will be available to your membership without fail, Monday through Friday form 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, alleviating communication concerns and providing relief to your volunteers or staff.

Keys Areas of Association Management:

• Membership Communications and Customer Service
• Dues Management
Bookkeeping and Accounting
• Scheduling and Managing Board Agendas
• Conference and Registration Management
• Membership Database Programming
• IT Management
• Project Oversight and Implementation
Daily Administrative Support