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Business Association Management for Member EngagementBusiness Association Management for Member Engagement and Retention

Association management provides relief to your volunteers and the hours spent behind a desk. Using an association management service to operate the business aspects of the organization will keep your volunteers focused on building your membership and reaching higher-level association goals.

With one centralized location for your association, you can ensure that your members will always have access to your association with no delay. Management services are tailored to meet your individual association needs and staff is available, without fail, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

Membership and Database Management

Maintaining accurate membership records is a critical task in any Association as your members are the Association. Admin Solutions has experience with several database management systems, including set up and migration.

• Have your membership application posted on your Association’s website. This way, potential new members going through your website can print and send in their application without having to pick up the phone to call and ask for one.
• Obtain complete member information before adding them to your database. If an application is not completely filled out, call the member to complete the form over the phone so you are only entering their information once.
• Remove dropped members from your current member list as soon as you receive their notice. If this is not done right away it can be missed resulting in a non-paying member to receive your Association’s benefits for free. You should think about keeping them in a separate database or list however so you can send them mailings and possibly gain their membership back in the future.

Accounting and Reporting

Creating a budget and compiling accurate financials is a critical task in any Association in preparation for tax season. An Association needs to know their expenses for the year in order to assure their monthly, quarterly, or annual dues will cover everything that they have planned. Concise financials are the backbone of any organization and Admin Solutions has the experience to keep your budget up to date and provide comprehensive information for Board Meetings.

Member Communications & Inquiries

As previously stated, your members are what make our Association possible. You want them to feel that they are getting the information and help that they need from you.

• Have a phone line set up for the Association. Often times potential new members will want to speak with someone about joining, not wait for an e-mail reply. Having a phone line set up.
• Respond to inquiries within 24 hours. If possible, especially for a potential new member, a response whether by e-mail or phone, should happen as soon as possible.

Brochures and Mailings

A fast and easy way of getting your Association’s name out there and recognized is by sending something that reminds them of who you are. Mailings should be sent consistently to past, current, and potential new members. Here are a few things that can be mailed:

• Monthly, quarterly, or annual newsletters
• Brochures explaining what your Association does
• Flyers for any upcoming events

Event Planning and Registration Management

Events and conferences are pivotal to keeping your membership base engaged and active, as well as boosting member retention. Associations often work through volunteers and do not have the capacity to plan an event from start to finish. We provide support with budget management, registration site creation and management, and onsite support. At Admin Solutions we are prepared to be involved in every aspect of your event including registrations. This process includes:

• Internet, Phone or Fax
• Credit Card Processing and Reporting
• Refunds and Chargebacks
• Cancellations

There is a need for continuing education on the part of every true professional in order for them to best serve their clients. ~ Tax Pro Journal

We recognize that association member engagement is so critical to the success of your association as a whole. While there is no one standard prescription for all business associations, our insights give you an idea of how to get started in developing and implementing your own strategies.

Call us at 952-892-5909. We will help you personalize your plans for better business association management for member engagement.

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